Mad Crab Mojave: Author's Note

Friends! Thank you for reading. Would you believe it, this was only the FIRST HALF of the novel. There is a whole second half, in which our heroes take on the real enemy: the Next Economy, but I will not be sharing it. This exercise, while instructive, has convinced me of one thing: I’m done with telling the story of Information Jones, and I want to focus a little more on the craft of writing before I share my work again.

Amelia and Fran seem way more fun, right?

I didn’t think it would take a whole year just to revise the first section, but I also weirdly thought the pandemic would only last a few months too, and that the Next Economy was a fictional construct that I invented.

While I may revisit this world (because there’s a lot more meat in the Next Economy plot, and it’s slightly more future proof) I won’t be continuing this format. I so appreciate each and every one of you who subscribed to these emails, your feedback and input (or event the passive threat of your potential eyeballs on my content!) helped me understand better what it means to write for other people. Even thought I’m not particularly impressed with the outcome, I think this version is substantially improved from what it was.

Thank you again for reading!