I’ve been dawdling over a novel for the last few years: Mad Crab Mojave. The basic premise:

Mad Crab, a criminal cyborg operation, has stolen a military grade quantum supercomputer. The Federal government has asked Information Jones, a database detective, to get it back. Complicating the case, the CTO of the World Bank has just announced a total shutdown of the markets in preparation for deployment of the Next Economy, in which only rational actors can participate. Humans, who are not rational actors, will be excluded. It is in this environment of tension and uncertainty that Jones takes his investigation to the Mojave desert, where the military grade quantum supercomputer was last seen.

I have a first draft which I’ve been lazily revising (my god am I addicted to passive voice,) but due to “recent events” major plot points are now totally derivative. I’ve been torn between revising or trashing for some time; today I’ve decided to do both and work through my revisions in public before I put this thing to bed. 

I’ll be sending out a chapter every few days. Feel free to read along, or (if you are a friend) just pretend that you intend to: even believing that I have one reader will motivate me to keep working. One advantage that this novel has over reality is that it has a coherent, cathartic ending. Also, it is a comedy.

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A serial novel about Information Jones, Database Detective, and his quest to recover a military grade quantum supercomputer from MAD CRAB